Bathroom Painting Ideas, From Classic to Modern Look


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Are you going to makeover your home? Perhaps, before you proceed to your holistic plan, you can consider the bathroom painting ideas. Many consider that bathroom is the area which requires frequent repair and maintenance. Wet and damp from the water splash and shower may influence the painting, walls, and construction. Surely, cracks, gaps, and remnants may occur as the result of broken wall construction.

Painting is intended to protect the walls’ surface. This technique also produces beauty atmosphere to the bathroom. So, for this purpose you can search what ideas you have to apply on the walls. And, providing the proper colors for this private is essential.

Bathroom Painting Ideas, Classic to Modern

There are various themes available to adjust the design, appearance, and the atmosphere of the bathroom, including:

  • Classic. This idea can be applied on natural base colors. You can pick white, yellow, or white milk. To generate this theme, you should also adjust stuffs in the room, such as bathtub, faucet, shower, and perhaps vanities. To generate this nuance, you can use various ranges of white, such as white milk, cream, and white. These colors can be properly combined to produce formal and comfortable bathroom.
  • Modern. Contemporary bathroom painting ideas may use vibrant and dynamic colors. These may include orange, lavender, red, and combination of blue and green. The playful use of colors are properly adjusted to bathroom stuffs. Hence, the creation of modern is well-seen as the most lively atmosphere of the area.
  • Blend. As a theme, blending classical and modern theme for bathroom is adorable. The implementation of traditional accessories in the bathroom may do. For instance, most traditional stuffs are made of wood which means brown or dark. Hence, giving the touch of bright orange in the bathroom is fine.

Bathroom Painting Ideas, The Variations

Bathroom Painting Ideas

You can find that silver is a good color to apply in the bathroom. It generates more lights. Proper lighting in the bathroom delivers wider look and clear. Sometimes, gray is used for painting idea to produce neutral atmosphere. As a matter of fact, gray looks dull when you cannot adjust the adjacent stuffs: the windows, the door, trims, and stuffs.

To give different effects, you can use warmer and cooler color tones in the same room. Hence, bathroom painting ideas are no longer restricted to base and monochrome colors. To complete your ideas, you can adjust the look of your flooring, decorations, stuffs, and room dimension. As such, better ideas produce finer look of your bathroom.

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